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Unraveling the Various Loan Structures Before You Buy

If you’ve ever investigated the different types of loans available, you might have found the number of available mortgage financing options overwhelming. There are fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, conforming, and nonconforming loans to explore. So how do you know which one is right for you? Here are four of the most common home loan structures simplified. Adjustable […]

What to Expect at Closing: 3 Reasons to Have a Mortgage Lender in Your Corner

Closing is a long, complex process that all homebuyers must go through to get their dream homes. This extensive process can take over a month to complete as buyers complete every stage until closing day. Fortunately, there are several preparatory steps that you can take to prevent things from falling through. Here’s what to expect […]

Buying Rental Property? 5 Mortgage Financing Options to Consider

Rental properties can serve as reliable long-term sources of income. If you are considering an investment property, you will need to find a good mortgage financing option. Mortgage loans for rental properties often have different, more complex standards than loans intended for home buyers. Since it is typically riskier for lenders to finance rental properties […]